Introducing Travel Africa Story!

If you’re wondering how you can travel to Africa, then everything you need to know is here. This is a collection of our blogs, safety tips, route info and a lot more. It’s a place to get inspired and prepared for traveling Africa. You’ll hear stories from different travelers who have safely explored the continent so that you have the courage and knowledge to do it as well.

As a traveller with a deep love of African continent, its people and its environment, we share our stories, photographs, discoveries, accomodations, as well as some conservation campaigns. We are here to guide and help you. Happy travelling to Africa!


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It started with friends and family, but now we’re on a global mission to show and encourage people to explore the world around them. To break through preconceived ideas about what life is supposed to look like.

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Knowledge is nothing without action, so we’re here to constantly challenge our readers to take a break from their lives, to step out and explore the world in front of them. Because it’s never easier than right now.

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We take the best our travels and offer tips and advice to those looking to set out and blaze a trail of their own. Whether it’s long term travel or just a weekend junket, we’ll share our honest advice with you.

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