Reasons Bush Camping Is The Ultimate Digital Detox

Nowadays, we are more immersed in a digital lifestyle than ever before. It can get exhausting having to constantly stay connected. Not only does it add stress to your life, but it can really cause you to lose sight as to what is really valuable including being able to live in the moment. One of the best ways to fight against the over-consumption of digital media is by doing things outdoors. One of the best ways to give yourself the ultimate detox is by bush camping. Below, we will be going over some reasons as to why this is the case.

Reasons Bush Camping Is The Ultimate Digital Detox:

Get Away From It All

One of the main reasons it is so effective is due to the fact that you will be able to get away from it all. You will be able to get yourself as far away from your digital devices and social media as possible. This alone can put you in the best situation to detox yourself from constantly being connected.

With no devices or the Internet to fall back on, you will be forced to give in to nature and to really live in the moment. It will allow you to put yourself in the best position to succeed with your detox because you won’t be constantly surrounded by temptation. Not having access to your devices all of the time will force you to give in to the detox.

Like-Minded People

When you go bush camping, you will likely be able to situate yourself with other like-minded people that are looking to enjoy the experience the same as yourself. Therefore, you will be able to immerse yourself in nature with other people that are looking to do the same. This can help you enjoy your time more and focus on interacting socially with others like yourself.

You’ll Be Enjoying Nature

Bush camping offers a unique experience that will allow you to completely forget about your digital life. One of the biggest things that hold people back from being able to complete digital detox is not being able to stay away from it all. Because you will be doing something that will be much more fun and much more rewarding than spending all day on social media, you will be able to keep yourself from having the itch to focus on your digital life.


You will be too busy enjoying all that nature has to offer. Therefore, you won’t have time to worry about the Internet, social media, or anything like it.


As mentioned, instead of immersing yourself in the world wide web, you will be able to immerse yourself in nature. The immersion that you are able to get from doing something like bush camping is simply unmatched. You will be able to enjoy daily walks and immerse yourself in wild nature which is something that you simply couldn’t do if you were completely focused on your digital life.

Learn New Things

If you are used to using Google and your devices to learn new things about the world, you won’t have to stop. By going on a bush camping tour, you should be able to learn new things in the old fashioned way. You will be able to get professional guides that can teach you all about what you are seeing. Along with this, you will be able to see things first hand which can make it a lot more rewarding.

In the end, there are plenty of different reasons bush camping is the ultimate way to go about giving yourself a digital detox. It can put you in the position you need to succeed with your digital detox by removing yourself from your devices and from being connected to the Internet and it can immerse you in nature.

8 Reasons to Visit Namibia

Namibia is a Southern Africa Country. It is a perfect vacation destination in Africa for most travelers due to its stark landscapes, limitless horizons, untamed wilderness, and harsh environs. Namibia offers incredible natural wonders, desert adventures, boutique accommodation, and unique game drives.

Do you want to visit Namibia? Here are 8 reasons to visit Namibia.

1. Beautiful Landscapes

Love taking landscape photos? You will love the beautiful landscapes of Namibia. There are mountains in Namibia that are made of sand. For instance, the dunes of Sossusvlei are one of the biggest dunes in the world. They are composed of sand and reach heights of up to 380 meters. And the dunes change like a chameleon. You will also see the Skeleton Coast, the Kalahari, and the radiant salt pans of Etosha.

2. The Wildlife

Namibia is a perfect vacation for people who love game viewing. You will see several wild animals at Etosha National Park, which is one of the best parks in Africa, due to its numerous waterholes. Animals come to drink water in these waterholes when the rains cease. You will see giraffes, zebras, lions, leopards, white rhinos, antelopes, and many more.

3. See Ancient Cultures

Namibia had indigenous tribes such as San Bushmen that were the first settlers in Namibia.

They live a traditional nomadic way of life. There are other indigenous tribes like the Ovambo, Kavango, Himba, Damara, Herero, and Caprivian. Ovambo accounts for about half of Namibia’s population. Himba people live in the north of the country. They still maintain age-old traditions.

4. Camping

You can visit Namibia at any time of the year. And you will enjoy camping, which makes it perfect for people who love camping with their families. There are so many beautiful campgrounds in this country. Additionally, you can drive a vehicle in this country. That means you can go for a self-drive camping tour of Namibia.

5. Hiking

Love hiking? Namibia offers premier hiking trails. However, November and December are too hot. They are not perfect for hiking. April through October are the best times of year to go hiking in Namibia. You can hike in the Fish River Canyon, which is a five-day excursion.

6. It is a Safe Destination

Namibia gained its dependence from South Africa in 1990. Since then, it has had good governance and political stability. In fact, it is one of the safest countries in Africa. Also, the people are literate. You will be safe in this country. People are friendly. And they are eager to help anyone.

7. Birds

If you love watching birds, you will enjoy watching birds in Namibia. There are over 700 species of birds in the country. You will never fail to see a new bird every day. You may see a new species every day. There are so many birds with long bright feathers and they are colorful. And you will never fail to see different owls in Namibia.

8. English Spoken

English is the official language of Namibia. Although there is a diversity of languages in the country, English is thought in schools, which means a lot of people understand English. Additionally, all road signs are in English. If you are planning on going to rural areas, you may meet a few people who speak English. This makes it easier to get around in the country.

These are the top reasons to visit Namibia. Namibia is one of the best vacation destination spots in Africa. You will meet people from different tribes. You will see different animals and birds. You will find beautiful campgrounds and hiking trails. Namibia is a safe destination. And the people in Namibia speak English and very friendly.

How to make the most of your Zambian Safari

For many people, being able to go on a Zambian safari is a dream come true. If you have the chance to go on a safari, you’ll want to make sure you have a fantastic time. Follow this advice so that you can have an amazing safari experience.

Take Plenty Of Pictures

You’ll want to make sure you’re able to remember your safari after it’s over with! Take lots of pictures and even some video footage when you’re on the safari.

You should be able to capture pictures with your phone. However, if you’re an experienced photographer, you might want to consider investing in a higher-quality camera. This is a once-in-a-lifetime photography opportunity!

Make Sure You Have The Right Guide

The experience that you’ll have on your safari will vary based on the guide that you use. You should make sure that you work with an experienced guide that has done safaris like this many times before.

If you’re trying to decide who you want to work with, you may want to read reviews for different tour guides in the area. Work with a guide that is knowledgable and will go above and beyond to make sure that you have a terrific experience.

Pack Well

Safaris can last for quite a while! Because of this, you’ll want to think about what you should pack before you head out. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure you bring water with you. It’s crucial to stay hydrated.

You may also want to bring snacks with you, as well as a few other essentials, like sunblock. Think about what you’ll want to have access to when you’re on your safari. You should make sure you have all of the items that you need.

Dress Appropriately

The sun in Zambia can be quite hot. Because of this, it’s best to wear clothing that’s made from breathable fabrics. This will keep you from sweating too much while you’re on your safari.

Wear lightweight, comfortable clothing that’s made from natural fibers, like cotton or linen. Even though it’s likely that you’ll be riding in vehicles rather than walking while you’re on your safari, you should wear comfortable and supportive shoes as well. You should also use sunglasses and a hat so that you can protect yourself from the sun.

Get Plenty Of Rest The Night Before

Before you go out on a safari, you’ll want to make sure that you rest up. You don’t want to be too tired to appreciate all of the sights around you. This is an exciting experience, and you should be able to relish in it.

If you want to have a great experience on a Zambian safari, you’ll want to go to bed nice and early the day before the safari rolls around. If you’re planning to have some late nights during your trip, you should put them off until after your safari is over.

Read Up On Zambian Wildlife Before Your Safari

You may find that your safari is more exciting if you know a little bit more about the animals that you’re going to see. Take the time to read up on wildlife in the area. If you learn more about these animals, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the sites that you’re seeing.

Want to make the most of a Zambian safari? If you want your safari to be a positive experience, you’ll want to keep these six tips in mind! Being able to go on a safari in Zambia is an incredible opportunity. Follow this advice so that you can have the experience of a lifetime!

5 Reasons to try a bush walk

Have you ever tried a bush walk before? If you haven’t gone on a hike like this before, this is something that you might want to try in the near future. Read on to learn why you should try bushwalking and why it can be so rewarding.

1. It Can Elevate Your Mood

If you’re feeling down or anxious, going on a walk like this could be a wonderful way to lift your spirits. When you’re out walking, you’ll be able to clear your head. You may find that your walk gives you a new perspective on some of the problems that you’re dealing with.

Studies have shown that people that spend more time in nature tend to be happier. If you’re in a bad mood, don’t let those negative feelings linger! Instead, you should get out of the house and go on a bushwalk. It could make a real difference.

2. It’s A Great Way To Get Exercise

How active are you? If you’re not currently getting enough physical activity, you may want to start going on walks in nature. Even if you’re out of shape, you should be able to get the exercise you need.

You’ll be able to work your muscles and burn calories while you’re out on your walk. Since walking is a low-impact form of exercise, people of all ages can enjoy the benefits of bushwalking.

3. It Can Help You To Relax

Do you have a hard time managing all of the stress in your life? If stress is a problem for you, bushwalking just might be the solution you need. You can take your time when you’re out on your hike. You’ll be in a quiet environment that’s free of distractions.

Stress isn’t just frustrating. It can actually be hazardous to your health. When you’re stressed, your body produces more cortisol, which can increase your risk of heart disease. When you have a way to manage your stress, you’ll be able to reduce the impact that stress has on your life.

4. It Can Be A Bonding Experience

When you go on your walk, you don’t have to go alone. You can bring friends or family with you. This can actually be a wonderful way to bond with the people that you care about. You’ll have plenty of time to talk while you’re on your hike!

Shared experiences can be a wonderful way to bond, especially when you’re doing something that you wouldn’t normally do. Don’t be afraid to invite other people to go on your walk with you. You may find that the people you know are more than happy to accompany you.

5. You’ll Gain A Deeper Appreciation For Nature

How much time do you actually spend in nature? You may find that if you go on hikes more frequently, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for nature than you’ve ever had before. It’s one thing to read about these kinds of things in books or to see sites in your social media feed. Being able to appreciate the beauty of nature in person, however, is something else entirely.

One of the best places in the world to take a bush walk and appreciate nature is in Botswana. Botswana has some of the most beautiful and diverse natural landscapes and game reserves in the world. While you are there you can also appreciate a number of the amazing Botswana tourist attractions that lure travellers there each year.

If you’re not spending much time outside, you’re missing out on so many beautiful sights. You owe it to yourself to spend more time in nature. Take the time to appreciate the natural beauty that is all around you.

Even if you’ve never tried bushwalking before, it’s not too late to get started. Find a place where you can go on a walk. Once you make bushwalking a part of your life, you’ll wish that you picked up this hobby a lot sooner.