An accurate observation as wherever you step on this bright continent you’re met by magnificent landscapes, wilderness, precious wildlife, diverse culture, rich tradition and the history of the nations who play host to visitors wanting to get dust under their feet and be inspired by the unique experiences on offer. Africa is unlike any other part of the world, and everyone should visit it at least once in his or her lifetime. These are 7 of the reasons why.


High on the list of reasons to visit Africa is, hands down, because of the wildlife. You get a true safari this way.

The main attraction for most remains the sighting of the Big 5; lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo! You’ll get to have up close and have personal encounters with these amazing creatures, and you’ll get a lot more for your money – a lifetime of memories.


Simply put, one of the highlights of visiting Africa lies at the heart of what makes it unique – the people, culture and traditions. It’s a different world down there, the way they live, the traditions they uphold, it would be incredible to witness how they live their lives. It’s such a contrast from our daily lives, I’m guessing it would be an incredible lesson and a beautiful feeling!


The magical combination of bush and beach will complete any African itinerary and allow you to include authentic coastal living and marine exploration into your trip.


The Eastern and Southern African coastlines are the place to be, with activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving in some of the best coral reefs in the world, morning strolls, watching the sunset and hours spent in or on the water.


Africa is an incredible place for adventure. Are you ready for this? White water rafting, zip lining, shark cage diving, bungee jumping, skydiving, hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, safaris, helicopter trips, and there’s tons more. Looking for more reasons to visit Africa? Just Google “African adventures”!


Cape Town at the tip of Africa is where one finds a melting pot of culture and flavours, a place where strong International influence is matched by delicate Cape Malay infusions and traditional African fair is served alongside handcrafted products sourced from the grower. The Cape Winelands boats award winning restaurants and estates, large and boutique.


Of all the beauty that is Africa, there are a few must see places that stand out above the rest. Table Mountain in Cape Town is a showstopper and whether you are hiking to the top of going by Cable Car, no visit to the city is complete without reaching the top. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania as the highest point in Africa, sees thousands of hikers summit it’s snow capped peak each year, some on a pilgrimage, others chasing a once in a lifetime adventure.


Discover Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the world’s largest unbroken, un-flooded volcanic caldera; or even stopover at Fish River Canyon, the second largest river canyon in the world (after the Grand Canyon).

With a wonderful variety of wildlife, culture and adventure, the African continent will deliver truly unforgettable experiences.